One of my all-time favorite compliments came to me secondhand. A potential employer had asked a colleague to describe me. His answer: “Unflappable.”

I am notoriously levelheaded, sometimes to the point of frustration for people close to me (shout out to my exes!). It’s a blessing and a curse. I easily maintain my composure in what others would consider exasperating situations, but this poise can be misinterpreted as disinterest or dispassion. Let there be no confusion in this case.         I’m aflame. I’m agog. I’m athirst. All for a band called RIVAL SONS.

Me: “Can I be an annoying fan and ask for a photo?” Jay Buchanan of Rival Sons: “No, but you can be a beautiful woman and ask me.” Oh, Jay, you sly devil, you. As if I needed a reason to love you more.

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RECIPE: The Key Lime Pie That Will Change Your Life

Despite the fact that Starbucks is insisting that it be autumn in your mouth (Pumpkin Spice Lattes already?!), there are in fact three weeks left of summer. The time is now to do all of the wonderful summery things you may have been putting off—read a book at the beach, have a water balloon fight, eat barbecue until you can barely stand. And one more thing: make this recipe. It’s the perfect summer treat—tart and sweet, light and creamy.

key lime pie