Foxy Shazam Disbands, Kitty Lemieux Mourns

Mondays have a bad reputation for a reason, and yesterday served as further proof when my favorite Cincinnati-based sextet announced plans for an indefinite hiatus. Foxy Shazam kept up a grueling tour schedule for a decade, and singer Eric Nally—with his masochistic onstage acrobatics and antics—surely deserves a break. But, I have to admit, my selfishness trumps my empathy. This is sad, sad news.

What makes Foxy Shazam such a great band? Quite simply, they’re fun. Like my other favorites Electric Six and Andrew W.K., Foxy Shazam is gleefully over-the-top. The two performances I had the pleasure of witnessing were outrageous, high-energy spectacles sprinkled with stunts that left me wondering how Eric Nally’s vocal chords and cervical spine are still intact. It’s clear that this band’s top priority has always been to show fans a good time, no matter how exhausting or injurious that task may be. As it turns out, such a level of dedication has taken its toll.


To help get over my disappointment about Foxy’s breakup, I’ll find solace in the fact that I can still listen to their albums. The Church of Rock and Roll is, in my opinion, their best. It’s a wonderfully odd mix of rock, pop, gospel and glam that compels you to move and sing along.  These guys can write one hell of a catchy chorus (as un-PC as some of them are; see: “I Like It”), and Nally’s gender-bending falsetto (oft compared to Freddie Mercury’s) is irresistible.

In their farewell statement, Foxy Shazam says their “best art is yet to come” and that they “plan on someday returning more powerful than ever.” I just hope someday isn’t too far away.

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