Stop Hatin’ on Valentine’s Day, People

Much of Geoffrey Chaucer’s reputation stems from his magnum opus, the bawdiest of storytelling contests, The Canterbury Tales. Hats off to ol’ Geoff for keeping us awake in 7th grade English class (The Wife of Bath’s Tale?!). But did you know he’s also indirectly responsible for Valentine’s Day as we know it? Chaucer was the first author to associate St. Valentine’s Day with romantic love, and since then it’s evolved into the pink-tinted, flower-filled, saccharin-saturated holiday that some of us anticipate and plenty dread.

If you’re amongst the Love Day naysayers, direct your negativity toward an old dead guy and stop ruining it for the rest of us.

There’s something to love about Valentine’s Day even if you think of it as a liturgical celebration of Christian martyrs that has been co-opted by corporate America to drain your bank account.

Reasons to Love Valentine’s Day

I personally enjoy Valentine’s Day for several reasons that will be obvious to anyone who knows me:

  • I like pretty things, especially handmade pretty things.
  • I like tasty confections.
  • Most importantly, I like making others feel special.

Sure, you can DIY, eat cake and be considerate any day of the year (and I highly encourage it!). The way I see it, February 14th is an opportunity to show TLC—with extra sprinkles, hearts and wordplay.

I’ve gotten questions about exactly what I’m cooking up for V-Day, but a 2/13 reveal would spoil the surprise tomorrow! Updates to come in another post.

vday gift
For now, I’ll share this collage I put together. As a lover of words and all things vintage, I adore old valentines. There’s something so charming about bygone traditions of courtship. I can’t explain my obsession with anthropomorphized food items, but these cards are full of ’em. On top of that, PUNS. Puns galore! My eyes are getting googly.

Vintage Valentines

For those of you who aren’t into pea pods with faces, I’ve compiled a list of favorite love songs. You can get away with hatin’ on the tradition of V-Day, but if you don’t like music, well, you’re a lost cause.

Narrowing this list was tough—some selections are obvious classics, others are just my own cup of tea. No matter your stance on Valentine’s Day, your heart is bound to swell after listening to at least a few of these lovey-dovey tunes.

Go forth and spread joy today (and every day) to strangers, friends and lovers alike!

Kitty Lemieux

Kitty Lemieux’s Valentine’s Day Playlist

Louis Armstrong & Oscar Peterson  You Go to My Head

The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes for You

Curtis Mayfield – So in Love

Al Green – Still in Love with You

The Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter #23

George McCrae – I Get Lifted

Major Harris – Love Won’t Let Me Wait

Staples Singers – Let’s Do It Again

Aretha Franklin – Baby, I Love You

 Otis Redding – That’s How Strong My Love Is

Al Wilson – Show and Tell

Bill Withers – Lovely Day

Donny Hathway – I’ll Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know

Teddy Pendergrass – Love TKO

Lou Rawls – The Shadow of Your Smile

Diana Ross – Love Hangover

Prince – Call My Name

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