On Love and Its (Sometimes Tacky) Expressions

Most days of the year, and our lives for that matter, are unremarkable. They pass, collect and fade. Devoid of pomp and circumstance, these are the days when love is formed. Small gestures amass, moments compound. It’s anti-climactic, really. And though it’s not what I’ve been told for 31 years that it would be (I’m looking at you Walt Disney Productions), that’s okay. A slow and steady build has suited an emotionally-reluctant Kitty Lemieux just fine.


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Stop Hatin’ on Valentine’s Day, People

Much of Geoffrey Chaucer’s reputation stems from his magnum opus, the bawdiest of storytelling contests, The Canterbury Tales. Hats off to ol’ Geoff for keeping us awake in 7th grade English class (The Wife of Bath’s Tale?!). But did you know he’s also indirectly responsible for Valentine’s Day as we know it? Chaucer was the first author to associate St. Valentine’s Day with romantic love, and since then it’s evolved into the pink-tinted, flower-filled, saccharin-saturated holiday that some of us anticipate and plenty dread.

If you’re amongst the Love Day naysayers, direct your negativity toward an old dead guy and stop ruining it for the rest of us.

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A Thanksgiving Post about Everyday Gratitude

Six months ago I started incorporating a new ritual into my normal routine. This simple practice only takes a few minutes each day, yet the impact has been profound. Since its inception, my health has improved, my relationships have improved, and my overall outlook on life has improved. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. To be fair, I will disclose that I have taken other steps that contributed to the shift. This habit isn’t solely responsible for my transformation, but I believe it has had a purely positive effect. It only requires two steps: first, make a deliberate choice to experience the world in a certain way; second, put pen to paper. The ritual is keeping a gratitude journal.

gratitude journal
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The Birth of a Blog

“It’s impossible,” said Pride.
“It’s risky,” said Experience.
“It’s pointless,” said Reason.
“Give it a try,” whispered the Heart.

37e3406001bcc21612243b279c2ddbc1Hey, friends! Welcome! After toying with the idea of starting a blog for some time, I finally decided to ignore my excuses and just do it. This space will be an outlet for me to share my thoughts, experiences and loves. As I set out on this journey, I’ve put some thought to the why behind it. Here are my hopes:

  • To become a better writer. Though I have a master’s degree in creative nonfiction writing, I’ve never been comfortable with referring to myself as a “writer.” Maybe it’s because I don’t have that fabled compulsion to create. I’m not a tortured artist, I’m not overwhelmed by a need to express myself. My artistic impulses are occasional and often sabotaged by procrastination and self-doubt. As Dorothy Parker said, “I hate writing, I love having written.” And how do you become a better writer? By writing.
  • To live less out of habit and more out of intent. It’s possible that no one will read this blog, and that’s OK. Writing about my life and the things that shape it will require me to be a more mindful observer of my personal growth.
  • To meet and learn from new people. There’s also a possibility that people will read this blog! If so, I’d love to hear from them. I look forward to exchanging ideas and encouragement with others.

Thanks for joining me.


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